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Welcome to my personal web site!

I am Jeeter McSkeeter!! How do you do? Me, I am as happy as 2 catfish in a mud hole!! On this here page you will find links to various things to look at when you are stoned..are you stoned?? You should be... anyways... have fun looking at this stuff

I once new a girl named..Right now you are reading this. Of all the million things to do in this world, you are reading this...Jill, she lived down the could be looking at something interesting..or educational..but you continue to read this....I would go over to her house on fridays, her mom always gave us lemonade....some have turned back, but YOU are still reading this junk....we would hang out in her room and watch tv and drink did you know that right now someone is getting laid and you are reading day jill moved, I remember her waving out the back window of the car as they drove off..hey..right now someone is getting high...and you continue to read this....I still think of her when i have a glass of lemonade. THE END

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide


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Have you ever thought about the planet? And then went on to thing about the moon and the sun and stars?? And then thought about the entire universe? Where does it end?? Is there an end?? I think that the crunchy snickers bar is by far the best candybar ever..especially good with some cold Hawaiin Punch..Go America!!!