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Greetings all...Welcome to The Garden.No matter what path you have followed here, I'm sure you will find something interesting.I am removing the chat link and putting up a link to Chyorts chat.It is moderated and is one of the best Wiccan/Pagan chats on the net.The message board is for whatever you would like to post, no set topic.The Links are sites that I have visited and found interesting. I am always looking for more links, so if you want to add a link here let me know.Please before you leave, have pity on my guestbook and stop by and say hey..Any questions or comments can be sent to the email addy at the bottom of the page..well, I guess that is it...Blessings ~Valerian~

Wiccan, Pagan Links

Air Chéilidh: A great Wiccan/Pagan chat. Also a very informative page..tell Chyort I said heya if you see Her..
The Gardens Message Board: Write what you will....
Earth Tones Studios: Wiccan,Pagan,Celtic and Native American music
The Akashic Record: Magickal, Pagan and Occult Web Pages
Pagan Spirit Gathering: one of America's oldest & largest Summer Solstice festivals
Christian Misconceptions of the Occult: great page!!
Tinks webpage: Tinks has a very cool page...
The Cauldron: Wicca, Witchcraft
The Witches Voice: The absolute latest in modern Witchcraft information and Neo-Pagan activities
The Pyramidal Chasm: lots of information on the spirituality of the Ancient Egyptions
The Realm of AmbroseAjax: Wiccan and Mystical Teachings
Xooms Religion chat: A chat of different beliefs...very little arguing..
Acrophobia: Bored?? This willl keep you busy for hours...(requires downloading)
Abaxion: On-line store...New age, Occult...
Witch/Pagan resources: Celtic Witchcraft, Wicca and Pagan information(updated daily)
Lady Liberty League: news & religious freedom networking for Wiccans & Pagans
Circle Sanctuary: international Pagan resource center

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